Dr. John Hambone – Jason Stefaniak
Dr. Gallon Grunt 
– Geoff Trowbridge
Dr. Bellie Tattler 
– Barb Riley
Dr. Eon Talcolm 
– Rodney Sciba
Hex –
Paisley Blackburn
Tinny –
Bryce Cone
Robert Spitoon
 – Jim Hall
– Joe Haase
– Ben Little
Donald Genneric 
– Michael Kouroubetes
Dr. Larding
 – Kevin McInerney
Dr. Wu Wu 
– Apollo Bacala
 – Chad Smith

Production Team

Tim Richardson (Co-writer/Director/Executive Producer) is an award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker and owner of Richardson Productions. He has shot over 30 films, a 40-episode cable program, and a recurring internet sitcom. He directed the dramatic feature films Revelations, Bloodlines, A:/kill, and Kill the Messenger and the parodies The Dork of the Rings, Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise and The Throbbit, which have received international attention with screenings worldwide. His most recent short film is Santa Muerte. Tim holds a B.A. in Speech & Theatre from Indiana University South Bend and currently teaches theatre classes there. He is Festival Director of the River Bend Film Festival and Marketing Chair for  the 501C3 not-for-profit group Mid America Filmmakers based in South Bend, Indiana.

Michael Kouroubetes (Co-writer/Producer) is an accomplished screenwriter and two-time winner of the Lester M. Wilson award for writing. He co-wrote and produced several feature films including Bloodlines, Kill the Messenger, The Dork of the Rings  and Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise. He penned the sci-fi thriller A:\kill and the dreamlike short film Plunge, and has worn many hats as an assistant director, producer and actor. He also directed the short films The Benevolent Banana and The H&G Job, both based off his award-winning scripts.  He has helped organize several writer conferences at Indiana University South Bend where he received a B.A. in Philosophy and teaches screenwriting.

Janice Bennett (Costume Designer) created the award-winning costume for Randolf the Wizard in The Dork of the Rings. She was also Costume Designer for The Throbbit, Harvey Putter, and Night of the Living Spuds.  She is also a winner in the International Costumer’s Guild Future Fashion Costume Design Contest.

Dustin Mills (Sculptor/Puppet Builder) is a director, writer FX Artist known for Night of the TentaclesBath Salt ZombiesThe Puppet Monster MassacreZombie A-Hole

Fabio Santos (Visual FX Artist/Graphic Designer) is a filmmaker, photographer and web designer from Porto, Portugal. He created Visual FX for Harvey Putter and The Throbbit, a built the websites for our recent films.

Mark D’Errico (Musical Score Composeris the owner of Boulder Manhattan Studio in Colorado where he writes and records ambient, rock, instrumental and orchestral music. Being a multi-keyboardist since 1980, he knows how to evoke the deepest feelings from his music. He has released two CDs, Out of Bounds and Faithless Masque, and is currently working on his third CD. He has also been busy scoring many feature-length and short films for the past few years, including The Human Condition, The Incident and Pot Zombies. He also scored The Dork of the Rings and Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise.