About the Production




Eccentric billionaire John Hambone invites noted picklentologist Dr. Grunt and Dr. Tattler to sign off on his new attraction, an amusment park on an island called Vulassic Park. Joined by quirky math teacher Dr. Talcolm and Hambone’s grandchildren Tinny and Hex, the group takes a tour of the park which boasts genetic recreations of extinct picklesaurs. Naturally things go south as the greeny, warty creatures escape and run amok on the island. How will our heroes get out of this pickle? Help fund the movie to find out!


In the summer of 1993 just after the incredible and ground-breaking JURASSIC PARK movie premiered, Richardson Productions (at that time just a group of college friends) quickly created VLASSIC PARK with giant, prehistoric pickles: T-Dills, Velocigherkins, Dillspearasauruses, Trikoshertops, and more.

Then in 1994 we decided to improve the production quality and started shooting it again with primarily the same cast. Unfortunately, it was not completed, but instead edited (with humorous effect) together with the 1993 version.

It quickly became a “cult classic” on the local public access channel, and for years the principal cast has been anxious to finally do the film justice with a high quality remake. In fall 2016 we began revising the original script to create VULASSIC PARK (One letter more away from getting sued by the pickle people!).

Over 20 years and dozens of films later (including parodies The Throbbit, Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise and The Dork of the Rings) we now have access to better equipment and much more experience and some incredible designers and puppeteers who can bring our extinct pickles to life. This includes Creature FX Artist Dustin Mills (The Puppet Monster Massacre, Easter Casket, Zombie A-hole) and Andrew Swisher (The Throbbit, Harvey Putter, Dork of the Rings). We are also welcoming back long-time, award-winning Costume Designer Janice Bennett (The Throbbit, Harvey Putter, Dork of the Rings) and Composer Mark D’Errico (The Throbbit, Harvey Putter, Dork of the Rings).

We are very excited that some of our principal cast members have agreed to return to reprise their roles: Rodney Sciba as Dr. Eon Talcolm and Jaison Stefaniak as Dr. John Hambone. The rest of the cast will be rounded out with other Richardson Productions veterans.